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Acoustic Projection Screen Houston

The focus of this project was to give the homeowner the largest screen possible for their builder-prewired theater room. The challenge was the room was about 15ft deep. PHT Automation designed the room with a 133'' screen in mind, choosing to place the front three speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen.

Several competitors quoted a 120'' screen, citing how shallow the throw distance would be from the projector to the screen. We were able to fill the entire wall with a screen by mounting the projector 1/2'' off the rear wall.

For picture, we chose the Epson LS12000 laser projector. This is Epson's flagship model, which does not use a conventional bulb. The laser has a 20,000 hour lifespan and unlike conventional projectors turns on and off very quickly. The projector was paired with a Screen Innovations brand screen.

For audio we chose the KEF THX certified in wall LCR speakers with matching Dolby Atmos ceiling speakers as well as matching rear speaker. For bass, we chose the KEF Kube12 so the homeowner can appreciate the explosions for their movies and video games.

The total budget for this project came out to approx. $16,000

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