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Houston Smart Home & Home Theater Systems Need A Strong Network

We install many types of systems for our clients and the network always acts as the foundation for each system. Without a properly designed network the system may not remain stable which can lead to a frustrating user experience. If you need some help getting your network up to speed CLICK HERE to schedule a consultation.

Essential Network Components

A photo of two Araknis brand network routers.



The router does the heavy lifting on the network and has the job of managing all of the traffic on the network. We install two types of routers: single-WAN and multi-WAN. For most residential projects a single-WAN is sufficient since 99% of our clients use one internet service provider (ISP). A multi-WAN system has the benefit of "failing over" to another ISP if the primary ISP experiences an outage.



We do the best we can to reduce the burden of the wireless network by connecting as many devices as possible to the hard wired infrastructure of the home. This allows the wireless network to operate more efficiently, and has the added benefit of giving each wired device the fastest speed possible. Other benefits of a switching systems are power over ether (POE) that can power access points, security cameras, and much more. They also allow for advanced security features such as Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) to provide an added layer of security by segmenting network traffic. For more information on the brands and partners that make your project come to life be sure to CLICK HERE.

A photo of Araknis brand network switches.
A photo of an Araknis brand access point for WIFI signals.


Wireless Access Points

We have many different types of Wireless Access Points (WAPs) for just about every size of home or office. These are wired into the network to give you the best speeds and have advanced features to eliminate dead spots and optimize the network to work with many iOT devices that rely on older wireless connection standards.


Network Management Platform

OVRC is our platform of choice for network management. OVRC allows us to be proactive when maintaining your network. Realtime alerts from OVRC's servers give us insight into up-to-the-minute information on your network so that often times we can respond to an issue before you are even aware. To find out more about our management platform CLICK HERE to schedule some time to meet with us.

A photo of the OVRC platform for network support and maintenance.

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