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Houston Smart Home Lighting Design

A home's smart lighting system contributes to energy conservation, ease of use, as well as security.  It's a mixture of digital app-based control and classic wall switch control that blend seamlessly.

Set schedules for your front and back porch lights to turn of at sunset, then turn themselves off at sunrise.  Keep your guests from having to awkwardly feel for the light switch in the guest powder room- the motion sensor detects movement and turns the light on making it a great experience for your guests.

Choose the color that fits your mood.  Using your app, tap on the sconces in the photo to turn them on and change to the color of your choosing. Time to play a video game? Your room automatically knows to turn as green as the Hulk when you turn the Xbox on. 

Did you hear a bump in the night from downstairs? Simply say "Alexa, turn on the lights" to have the entire downstairs and outside light up to scare off an intruder.

... the customization is endless!

Lighting Design Elements For Smart Homes

Savant lighting system

Mood Lighting

Through a technology known as "True Image" take a snapshot of your room. Open the app and tap on the lamp, or the ceiling fan, or the wall sconces to turn that light on, off, or change its color.

What makes your lighting system work is the link it has to a control system. CLICK HERE for more information.

Smart lighting switches and keypads

Switches, Dimmers & Keypads

Sometimes we don't have our phones or tablets and want easy access to our lights.  Decorative dimmers, keypads, and switches match your decor and give you the simple access you need if you're standing at the entryway to your room.  These buttons don't have to be limited to controlling the lights, they can also turn on the TV, music, etc. If you're interested in learning more about our brand partnerships CLICK HERE to learn more.

Savant scenes within the Savant app

One-Click "Easy Button"

Simple shortcuts are built into the system. Is it time for bed? One button click turns off any TV or music that may have been left on, turns off the lights in the rooms you don't need, and leave the exterior lights on at night.

Time to wake up? Hit "wake up" to open your blinds, then to start playing your morning Pandora playlist in the kitchen while your smart-plug turns on the coffee maker.

If you'd like to get an idea of how a smart lighting system would work in your space CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting.

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