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Houston Home Automation with Control 4

Smart Home & Home Theater Design uses a control system like Control 4 as the platform of choice.

Houston's choice for Home Automation

The Control 4 platform was founded in 2003 and has been steadily improved. After being acquired by Snap AV they now hold the largest control system marketshare in the world. ​ As a platform, Control 4 can operate lighting, audio, video, climate control, intercom and security. Since the merger with Snap AV in 2019 both brands have developed products in house that complement the other; such as network equipment, video wall controllers, and even their own brand of lighting solutions. The synergy between the brands ensures the best reliability for the owner of the system.

Control 4 table-top touchpanel
Control 4 app on a smart phone

Control 4 App

The most important part of owning a control system is the ease of use. A common complaint regarding competing systems is their interfaces can be difficult to navigate. Control 4 makes this easy with the same interface being used in their mobile app, on wall touchscreens, and handheld remote controls.

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Built-in Music Server

Control 4 has a built-in music server to make listening to music easier than before. The server inside the system also uses the best DACs (digital to analog converters) on the market so that your music sounds less compressed and full of life.

What's your favorite service? The majority of the major streaming services are already available in Control 4. Let us know during the design process which streaming services you use, and we will design accordingly to make sure your music is available.

Control 4 music streaming services
Control 4 video wall using Just Add Power system

Video Walls

Control 4 and partner-products like Just Add Power allow for easy-to-operate video walls. You can watch something different on each screen, or combine all the screens to make one giant image.

Video walls have been a staple in commercial environments like restaurants and bars, and the same products can be adapted to residential purposes.

Control 4 Lighting Control




In the past Control 4 was limited to controlling dimmers and light switches. They've continually added upgrades to their lighting control experience. You can now have control over color, as well as automate your lights to improve circadian rhythm, where your inside lights mirror sunlight to improve your quality of life. 

Want more information on Lighting Control? CLICK HERE for more information.

Control 4 lighting system
Control 4 interface showing security camera feeds

Security Cameras & Alarm

Certain security cameras and alarm systems can be integrated with your Control 4 system so you can monitor your system from anywhere, as well as arm and disarm the system.

There's plenty more that can be integrated into Control 4, such as door locks, garage doors, pool pumps, etc.

Want more information on surveillance systems? CLICK HERE to read our blog article.

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