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Houston Outdoor Smart Home & Home Theater Design

TVs tough enough for the elements

Outdoor rated TVs for every budget. Premium brands like Sunbrite make models that are rated for covered patios, or models rated for full sun exposure with enhanced brightness (NIT rating) and even have models that can withstand physical damage.

Music for any season

Whether its a couple of outdoor speakers or an entire array of speakers we have the solutions for any outdoor space.

We can even design an outdoor surround sound system to be paired with the outdoor TV or projection system.

Reliable WIFI without limitations

Sometimes the exterior of a home is tough for the wireless signal to breakout from. Outdoor WIFI access points make sure you can control the music and TV while also browsing the web without signal issues.

Essential Tech For Outdoor Smart Homes

Landscape Audio System

Instead of having two speakers playing loudly to cover an outdoor space, consider a landscape speaker system. The backyard is filled with sound without having excessively loud volume.

This is the same technology used at amusement parks. You can clearly hear "It's a small world" from a number of small hidden speakers.

Landscape speaker systems have also evolved to include built-in lighting, such as Episode Radiance brand speakers. For example, your pathway lighting could also be used as speakers to fill the entire yard with sound!

Landscape audio system

Outdoor TV

A Sunbrite TV is the ideal choice for an outdoor home entertainment setup. This outdoor-rated television is built with a special powder-coated aluminum exterior and is designed to withstand the elements.

The Sunbrite TV is also sealed and protected against rain, dust, insects, and humidity. It also has a built-in temperature control system that ensures optimal performance even in extreme temperatures. With a Sunbrite TV, you can enjoy your favorite entertainment in any outdoor environment without the worry of a damaged or malfunctioning TV.

Photo of a Sunbrite brand TV

Surface Mount Speakers

Surface mount outdoor speakers are the classic example of outdoor audio many of our customers request or have owned in the past. These speakers typically come in black or white and are capable of being aimed at the desired listening area.

The majority of speaker systems come in stereo pairs where each speaker handles the left and right of the sound mix. If a homeowner has a small area where two speakers aren't practical, dual-voice-coil speaker models can be used. These models combine the left and right speakers into a single speaker-cabinet. This greatly reduces the physical footprint of the speakers.

A surface mount outdoor speaker mounted to a patio

Recessed Outdoor Speakers

Recessed outdoor speaker have slowly become a more popular alternative to surface mounted outdoor speakers. Their minimalist aesthetic makes them appealing because they do not draw attention to themselves, and they also do not sacrifice performance.

Even better, these speakers come with removable magnetic speaker grilles. These speaker grilles can be removed and painted, matching the color of the ceiling or wall they are mounted to.

a recessed outdoor speaker

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