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Light filtering motorized shades
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Automated Shades for Houston Smart Homes

Having control over your window treatments gives you easy access to reduced glare from the sun, repel heat, protect furniture from fading, or simply block out the light so you can watch a movie in your theater during the day.

App-controlled, voice-controlled, or put them on a schedule. Control your shading how you want while complimenting your decor.

PowerShades cassette shade

Sleek Minimal Design

PowerShades have a slick, minimalist look making them easier on the eyes without drawing attention to themselves when they're not in use. The "box" that your shade rolls up into makes the biggest aesthetic difference when it comes to bringing character to your windows. PowerShades roll up into a few different types: Conventional Fascia, Rounded or Flat Cassette, or an Open Roll which complements a modern home.

Different fabric options for motorized shades

Fabric Options

Choose from basic and premium fabric options to match your room. Choose from blackout, sheer, and translucent fabric options to add your personalized level of privacy. Interested in more information? CLICK HERE for a short case study.

sofa with sun damage

Prevent Sun Damage To Furniture

It's common for furniture to fade quickly if it's placed near a window that gets a lot of sunlight. This can happen as little as 4 to 6 months. While there are ways of maintaining furniture to prevent fading or even damage, adding window treatments is a simple solution.

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Compatible With Control 4 Automation

Houston's choice for Home Automation

The Control 4 platform was founded in 2003 and has been steadily improved. After being acquired by Snap AV they now hold the largest control system marketshare in the world. ​ As a platform, Control 4 can operate lighting, audio, video, climate control, intercom and security. Since the merger with Snap AV in 2019 both brands have developed products in house that complement the other; such as network equipment, video wall controllers, and even their own brand of lighting solutions. The synergy between the brands ensures the best reliability for the owner of the system.


Easy-to-use Interface

The most important part of owning a control system is the ease of use. A common complaint regarding competing systems is their interfaces can be difficult to navigate. Control 4 makes this easy with the same interface being used in their mobile app, on wall touchscreens, and handheld remote controls. CLICK HERE for more information on the Control 4 Smart Home.

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