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Art TV with Audio

Video Budget: $3,500

The Samsung Frame 85'' TV is the main focal point of the room. When the TV is off, it reverts to the appearance of a painting.

Audio System Budget: $6,600

Premium brand Bowers & Wilkins anchors this 5.1 sound system and is complemented by a KEF Kube8 series subwoofer. The Denon AVRX4700H provides power and video switching for the system. This is a simple speaker system from one the world's most respected premium brands.

Control System Budget: $0

Because the customer only used the TV's internal streaming apps, the control was simplified to only use the Samsung TV remote. HDMI ARC was used to make it so the Denon's volume and power ON/OFF function would be tied to the power state of the TV.

Total Estimated Cost Including Labor, cables, etc: $12,085

This is a great example of a very simple system using premium performance gear to give the best living room experience!

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