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4 Reasons Why a Projector is the Ultimate Upgrade for Your Home Theater - #3 Will Shock You!

Here are a few of the advantages of using a projector for home theater instead of a TV:

  1. Larger screen size: unlike TVs projectors do not have a limit on screen size when compared to a TV. Do you want your entire wall to be a screen?! That’s entirely possible with a projector, whereas good luck finding a TV within your budget (that isnt custom built) that can achieve the same size.

  2. Lower cost per inch: Compared to a TV a projector will have a lower cost per inch especially at the larger sizes.

  3. Placement flexibility: With a projector you have more room to be creative with placement, especially in regards to rooms with odd shapes or layouts. Different types of screens from fixed-frame to motorize allow you to get creative with your screen placement.

  4. Greater sense of immersion: There’s no replacing that theater experience you get when you’re watching a projected image. Some people find a greater sense of immersion when watching movies on a projected image than watching on a smaller screen- or knowing what they’re watching is on a TV.

On the other hand there are advantages of using a TV for your home theater:

  1. Ease of use: Projectors can be a little more complex to operate, a TV is a simple all-in-one solution that contains built in streaming applications, speakers, etc.

  2. Maximum brightness capability: Projectors paired with Ambient Light Rejecting Screens can produce an extremely bright image, but TVs with their direct backlighting will always have an advantage in regards to brightness.

  3. Portability: Need to move? It’s much easier to pack up and transport the TV instead of the projector and screen.

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