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Benefits Of Motorized Shades

Motorized shades perfectly compliment your home's decor.

Protect Furniture & Contents:

One of the lesser discussed benefits of motorized shades is protecting your furniture and interior surfaces from UV damage. UV damage from sunlight can fade furniture, all types of flooring, and even drain the color from artwork.

Your shades can also be programmed to respond to the suns orientation during the day, and can close themselves at specific times and in rooms that would be affected by sunlight. Your shading system becomes a set-it and forget-it tool.

Motorized shades can protect furniture and surfaces from sun damage.

Energy Savings & Temperature Control:

When you sync up your shades to match the sun you can save money on your energy bills and lower the temperature of your room.

They’re Safer For Children & Pets:

Motorized shades do not include items such as cords and pull chains that can be a suffocation hazard from children and pets. This gives homeowners peace of mind knowing they don’t have to worry about such dangers.

Motorized shades keep children and pets safe.

Perfect Compliment For A Home Theater

When paired with a control system, motorized blinds can automatically close when the TV or projector turns on to prevent annoying glare or washing out of the image.

Motorized shades are a perfect way to reduce glare on your TV.

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