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Why In-Wall Recessed Boxes Are Your Secret Weapon for Mounting TVs

A Sanus in wall box with a Samsung Frame TV bracket

Flat screen TVs are amazing for their picture quality and slim designs, but those sleek profiles can come with a bit of a challenge: how to mount them securely and keep all those wires hidden for a clean, modern look.  In-wall recessed TV boxes are a hidden gem that can solve this problem, and they're especially useful for certain TV models like the Samsung Frame TV and LG G3 OLED.

Samsung Frame TV with Sonos Playbar

The Frame's Hidden Secret

The Samsung Frame TV is designed to look like a piece of art, and to achieve that, it uses a separate "One Connect Box" that houses all the connection ports. This box needs to be hidden somewhere, and while some people place it in their media console and run a long cable to the TV, this isn't the safest option.  Those cables carry power, and while fires are very rare, it's always best to avoid any potential risks.

An in-wall recessed box solves this neatly. The box is installed within the wall behind the TV, providing a safe and hidden space for the One Connect Box. This keeps your wires out of sight and maintains that beautiful, frame-like aesthetic of the Samsung Frame TV.

LG G3 OLED TV mounted to the wall

More Than Just Hiding Cords: LG G3 OLED to the Rescue

In-wall recessed TV boxes aren't just for hiding wires. The ultra-slim design of the LG G3 OLED TV means it won't sit completely flat against the wall without some help.  A recessed box provides the perfect amount of clearance for the TV to mount flush, giving your home theater a polished, built-in look.

An in wall box installed before the drywall is installed.

Pre-wiring for the Future

Imagine this: you've just moved into your beautiful new home, and you're ready to mount your TV.  But wait! There's no outlet or cable connection where you want it.  By installing recessed TV boxes during the pre-wiring phase of construction, you're giving yourself tons of flexibility for future TV placement.  No more wrestling with wires or trying to hide unsightly cords after the fact.

In-wall recessed TV boxes are a simple and affordable way to elevate your home theater setup.  They provide a safe and hidden spot for power and connection boxes, ensure a clean, flush mount for your TV, and offer long-term flexibility for future upgrades. So next time you're planning a TV installation, consider the power of the humble recessed box!

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